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What is ISO 10160: 2015 ?

ISO 10160-2: 2015 and ISO 116659: 2015 are both important international standards that are widely recognized in their respective fields. While they may seem like similar standards, they serve different purposes and have distinct requirements.

ISO 10160-2: 2015 is a technical standard that specifies a format for the interchange of bibliographic information in library and information science. It provides a common framework for the representation and communication of bibliographic information, ensuring compatibility and interoperability between various library software applications. In other words, ISO 10160-2: 2015 is focused on ensuring the consistency and usability of bibliographic data within the library and information science community.

On the other hand, ISO 116659: 2015 is a professional technical standard that specifies the requirements and guidelines for writing technical documents, such as reports, instructions, manuals, and other types of technical documentation. It provides a framework for consistency and clarity in written communication, ensuring that information is effectively conveyed to the intended audience. In other words, ISO 116659: 2015 is focused on ensuring the quality and readability of technical documents.

In conclusion, while ISO 10160-2: 2015 and ISO 116659: 2015 both serve important purposes, they are distinct and serve different audiences. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in these standards, writers can create more effective and efficient documents that are better suited to their intended audience and purpose.



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