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Is en 60950-1 withdrawal ?

Title: EN 60950-1: A Safety Standard for IT Equipment

The digital age has seen a rapid growth in the use of information technology (IT) equipment, including computers, printers, and routers. While these products offer convenience and efficiency, they also pose certain safety risks to end-users and maintenance personnel. To address these concerns, EN 60950-1, also known as iec 60950-1, has been developed. This standard provides guidelines for manufacturers to ensure the safety of their IT equipment.

Key Requirements of EN 60950-1:

Electrical Safety:

EN 60950-1 specifies essential electrical safety requirements for IT equipment. These requirements include the use of appropriate materials for electrical components, the use of grounded designs, and the implementation of appropriate electrical safety measures.

Fire Protection:

The standard also covers fire protection requirements for IT equipment. This includes the use of fire-resistant materials, the provision of fire extinguishers, and the implementation of firewalls.

Mechanical Hazards:

Mechanical hazards are also addressed in EN 60950-This includes requirements for the design and construction of IT equipment to minimize the risk of mechanical hazards, such as the use of ergonomic designs and the provision of protective covers.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies:

The standard emphasizes the importance of risk assessment and mitigation strategies throughout the product's lifecycle. This includes the need for regular safety testing and the implementation of necessary repairs and maintenance procedures.


EN 60950-1 is an essential safety standard for IT equipment. By complying with the standard's requirements, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet certain safety standards and minimize the risks associated with their use. Compliance with EN 60950-1 is mandatory for many industries, including the European Union. As technology continues to evolve, it is crucial for manufacturers to stay up-to-date with the latest safety standards to ensure the safety of their customers.



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