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  • Multiple Energy Spring Hammer

    The Spring Hammer is examined with accessibility probes to determine access to chock,energy,and injury hazards. Built in exact accordance to IEC/EN/UL/CSA and other standards.

  • Spring Hammer with Energy Impact of 0.5J

    The Impact Hammer simulated the mechanical impact to which electrical equipment may be subjected.

  • IK08 Impact Energy Hammer of 5 Joules

    The spring Hammer consists of three principal parts: the body, the striking element and the release system.

  • Universal Spring Hammer

    Spring-Operated Impact Hammer are used to check the durability of enclosure for electrical applicance of other electronic product.The Impact Hammer simulates the mechanical impact to test household an

  • IEC 60068-2-75 Figure B.1 Spring Hammer Impact Calibration Device

    Spring Impact Hammer Calibrator IEC60068-2-7-5-1997 Figure B.1 requirements of normative documents tolerance manufacturing,most of the critical parts using special material and special processing ,ac



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