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What is BS EN 12567-3:2014

In the field of construction and architecture, numerous standards and regulations exist to ensure safety, reliability, and quality. One such standard is BS EN 12567-3:2014, which specifically focuses on the performance requirements for enhanced security glazing.

The Purpose of BS EN 12567-3:2014

BS EN 12567-3:2014 sets out the criteria for determining the resistance of glazing products against manual attack or burglar intrusions. Its primary purpose is to provide a benchmark for manufacturers, suppliers, and designers in producing and specifying highly secure glazing systems.

The Key Requirements

When it comes to enhanced security glazing, BS EN 12567-3:2014 outlines several key requirements that must be met. Firstly, the glazing product should have adequate resistance against heavy blows using various types of tools commonly used in forced entry attempts. Secondly, the glass should maintain its integrity even after repeated impact, ensuring that it remains intact and prevents unauthorized access. Additionally, the fixing methods used to install the glazing system should also be tested and properly evaluated for their strength and ability to resist attacks.

The Testing Process

To comply with BS EN 12567-3:2014, manufacturers need to subject their glazing products to rigorous testing procedures. These tests simulate real-life scenarios where intruders attempt to break through the glazing system. A range of tools, including hammers, axes, and chisels, are used to strike the glass repeatedly with varying force. The glazing system's ability to withstand these attacks without comprising its integrity is carefully assessed and graded accordingly. Furthermore, the fixings used to secure the glazing are also tested separately to determine their resistance to manual attacks.

Overall, BS EN 12567-3:2014 plays a crucial role in ensuring that enhanced security glazing products meet the necessary standards for withstanding manual attacks. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can enhance the safety and security of buildings while providing peace of mind to end-users.



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