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What is BS EN 10164:2018


BS EN 10164:2018 is a professional technical standard that provides guidelines and specifications for the production and delivery of steel products. It focuses on the traceability, identification, and packaging of these products, ensuring consistency and quality throughout the supply chain.



One of the key aspects of BS EN 10164:2018 is traceability. It requires that each steel product has a unique identification code that allows it to be traced back to its origin. This ensures transparency and accountability in the production process and helps prevent counterfeit or substandard products from entering the market.


The standard also lays out guidelines for the clear and accurate identification of steel products. This includes information such as the type of steel, its dimensions, and any special requirements or certifications. Proper identification helps prevent mix-ups or confusion during transportation and installation, reducing the risk of errors or accidents.


Another important aspect covered by BS EN 10164:2018 is the packaging of steel products. It provides guidelines for suitable packaging materials and methods to ensure the products' protection during storage and transportation. Proper packaging not only prevents damage but also facilitates handling and distribution, improving efficiency and safety.


By adhering to BS EN 10164:2018, companies in the steel industry can reap numerous benefits. Firstly, it helps enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring the consistent quality and reliability of their products. Secondly, it reduces the risk of costly errors, delays, or accidents caused by misidentification or poor packaging. Thirdly, the traceability requirements provided by the standard help strengthen the integrity of the industry and build trust with customers and stakeholders.

In conclusion, BS EN 10164:2018 is a crucial technical standard that sets guidelines for the production, identification, and packaging of steel products. Its focus on traceability, identification, and packaging helps ensure consistency, quality, and safety throughout the supply chain. By adhering to this standard, companies can enhance customer satisfaction, reduce risks, and strengthen the integrity of the steel industry as a whole.



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