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What is BS EN 12567-3:2014?

BS EN 12567-3:2014 is a technical standard that specifies requirements for the performance and classification of curtain walling kits. Curtain walling systems are non-structural cladding systems used to create the exterior envelope of a building. They typically consist of large panels of glass or other materials, which are supported by a metal frame.

Importance of BS EN 12567-3:2014

The purpose of BS EN 12567-3:2014 is to ensure that curtain walling kits meet certain quality standards in terms of structural performance, weather tightness, and durability. This standard provides guidelines for manufacturers, architects, and contractors to ensure that curtain walling systems are safe, reliable, and fit for purpose.

Compliance with BS EN 12567-3:2014 is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to guarantee the safety of occupants in buildings by ensuring that curtain walling kits can withstand various environmental conditions, such as wind loads, earthquakes, and impact resistance. Secondly, it ensures that curtain walling systems are weathertight, preventing water ingress and resulting damage to the building's interior. Lastly, compliance with this standard promotes the longevity and durability of curtain walling systems, reducing maintenance and replacement costs over time.

Classification under BS EN 12567-3:2014

BS EN 12567-3:2014 classifies curtain walling kits based on their performance in different areas. This classification system allows architects, specifiers, and contractors to select the appropriate curtain walling system for a specific project. The standard considers factors such as the maximum air permeability, wind resistance, resistance to driving rain, and resistance to static pressure. Each performance characteristic is assigned a specific class, ranging from the lowest (Class 0) to the highest (Class 4). By specifying the required class of curtain walling kit, designers can ensure that the product meets the desired performance criteria.


In conclusion, BS EN 12567-3:2014 is an essential technical standard for the quality control and performance assessment of curtain walling kits. Compliance with this standard ensures that curtain walling systems meet certain safety and performance requirements, providing occupants with a safe and comfortable environment. By classifying curtain walling kits based on their performance characteristics, this standard facilitates the selection of appropriate products for specific projects. Architects, specifiers, manufacturers, and contractors should adhere to BS EN 12567-3:2014 to achieve high-quality and durable curtain walling solutions.



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