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What are the different types of CEE connectors?

CEE (or "Coupé Enfichable Électricité") connectors are widely used in Europe for various electrical applications. These connectors provide a safe and efficient way to connect electrical appliances and equipment to power sources. In this article, we will explore the different types of CEE connectors available in the market.

Type 1 CEE connectors

Type 1 CEE connectors, also known as the CEE 16A connector, are commonly used for charging electric vehicles. They have two or three pins, depending on whether they support single-phase or three-phase charging. The connectors are designed to handle up to 16 amps of current with a maximum voltage rating of 250 volts. Type 1 CEE connectors are often used in North America and Japan.

Type 2 CEE connectors

Type 2 CEE connectors, also referred to as the Mennekes connector, are widely used in Europe for both domestic and commercial applications. They are compatible with both single-phase and three-phase systems and can handle up to 32 amps of current. Type 2 connectors have a built-in shutter mechanism that provides protection against accidental contact when not in use. These connectors are becoming popular for charging electric vehicles in Europe.

Type 3 CEE connectors

Type 3 CEE connectors, also known as the Scame connector, are primarily used for industrial applications. They are designed to handle higher currents than other CEE connectors, typically ranging from 63 to 125 amps. Type 3 connectors have multiple pins and are suitable for both single-phase and three-phase systems. These connectors provide a secure and reliable solution for connecting heavy-duty machinery and equipment.

Type 4 CEE connectors

Type 4 CEE connectors, also called the CEEform connector, are commonly used in construction sites and outdoor environments. They are designed to be weatherproof and provide protection against dust and water ingress. Type 4 connectors can handle higher currents and have a robust construction to withstand harsh conditions. These connectors are available in various configurations, ranging from 16 to 125 amps, suitable for different power requirements.

In conclusion, CEE connectors come in various types to meet different electrical needs. Whether it's charging electric vehicles, powering industrial machinery, or providing temporary power on construction sites, there is a CEE connector available for every application.



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