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Is ISO 9002 still valid?

The origins of ISO 9002

In order to understand the validity of ISO 9002, it is important to first delve into its origins and purpose. ISO 9002 is part of a series of international standards that focus on quality management systems. It was first introduced in 1987, with the aim of providing organizations with a framework for ensuring consistent quality in their products and services. ISO 9002 specifically pertains to the requirements for production, installation, and servicing processes.

The changes in ISO 9002

Since its introduction, ISO 9002 has undergone several revisions to keep up with changing times and business practices. The most significant update came in 2015, when the ISO 9000 family of standards was revised as ISO 9001:2015. This revision incorporated a more holistic approach to quality management, shifting the focus from process control to overall organizational performance.

In light of these changes, many organizations have questioned the relevance and validity of ISO 9002. After all, if ISO 9001 covers all aspects of quality management, is there still a need for ISO 9002?

The continued relevance of ISO 9002

While ISO 9002 may no longer exist as a standalone standard, its principles and requirements are still very much applicable within ISO 9001:2015. Many organizations continue to rely on ISO 9002's guidelines for specific processes such as production and servicing, even though they are now integrated into ISO 9001 as clauses.

ISO 9002 served as a valuable guide for organizations to establish and maintain effective quality management systems. Its emphasis on process control, risk assessment, and customer satisfaction remains crucial elements of successful quality management. Therefore, even though ISO 9002 as a separate standard may not be valid today, its essence still lives on within the broader scope of ISO 9001.

In conclusion, while ISO 9002 is no longer a standalone standard, its principles and requirements are still relevant today. The integration of its guidelines into ISO 9001:2015 ensures that organizations can continue to benefit from its focus on process control and customer satisfaction. ISO 9002's legacy lives on in the continued importance placed on effective quality management systems.



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