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What is BS EN 12975-2:2013?

BS EN 12975-2:2013 is a European standard that defines the performance and test methods for solar thermal collectors. This standard sets the requirements for solar collectors to ensure their functionality, reliability, and safety. Solar thermal collectors are used to convert sunlight into thermal energy, which can be used for heating water, space heating, or other applications.

Performance Requirements

According to BS EN 12975-2:2013, solar thermal collectors should meet certain performance requirements in terms of efficiency and durability. The standard specifies the minimum values for key parameters such as thermal output, thermal losses, and thermal efficiency. These requirements ensure that the collectors are able to effectively capture and transfer solar energy into usable heat.

Test Methods

The standard also outlines the test methods to evaluate the performance of solar thermal collectors. These tests include measuring parameters such as temperature rise, thermal output, thermal losses, and pressure drop. By following standardized testing procedures, manufacturers can provide accurate and reliable data regarding the performance of their solar thermal collectors.

Safety Considerations

BS EN 12975-2:2013 incorporates safety considerations to ensure that solar thermal collectors are safe to use. The standard includes requirements for mechanical strength, resistance to external influences such as wind and snow loads, and protection against overheating and freezing. These safety measures protect both the users and the collectors from potential hazards.

In conclusion, BS EN 12975-2:2013 plays a significant role in ensuring the quality, efficiency, and safety of solar thermal collectors. By complying with this standard, manufacturers can provide reliable and high-performance products, while consumers can have confidence in the functionality and safety of the solar thermal collectors they choose.



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