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How do I verify my UL number

UL numbers are important in the manufacturing and production industries, as they indicate that a product has been tested and meets specific safety standards set by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Verifying an UL number is crucial for consumers to ensure the products they purchase have undergone proper testing and are safe to use. In this article, we will explore the steps involved in verifying an UL number.

Understanding UL Numbers

UL numbers consist of alphanumeric codes that provide information about a specific product or manufacturer. These numbers are typically found on labels or packaging materials of UL-listed products. Each UL number is unique to a particular product type or category, helping to identify and trace its certification status.

Locating the UL Number

The first step in verifying an UL number is to locate it on the product or its packaging. Manufacturers are required to display the UL logo along with the corresponding UL number on their certified products. The UL logo often appears alongside other regulatory marks. Once you find the UL logo, the associated number is usually located nearby.

Verifying the UL Number

To verify the UL number, visit the official UL website. Look for the "Verify UL Certification" or similar option on their homepage. This online tool allows users to input the UL number found on the product and obtain detailed information regarding its certification status. The website will provide confirmation if the UL number is valid and associated with a certified product.

It's important to note that counterfeit products sometimes feature fake UL numbers. Verifying the UL number through the official website helps ensure that you are purchasing genuine and tested products.


Verifying the UL number of a product is an essential step in ensuring its safety and compliance with industry standards. By familiarizing yourself with the UL number format, locating it on the product or packaging, and verifying it using the official UL website, you can make informed purchase decisions.



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