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How many amps is a mode 2 charger?

In the world of electric vehicles (EVs), charging your vehicle efficiently and safely is crucial. One important aspect of EV charging is understanding the different modes that chargers operate in. Mode 2 charging refers to charging at home using a standard household outlet. In this article, we will explore how many amps are typically required for a mode 2 charger.

Understanding Amps and Charging Power

Amps, short for amperes, measure the rate at which electric current flows. A higher amp rating means more electric current can flow through a device at a given time. The power (measured in watts) of your EV charger depends on both the voltage and the amperage.

For mode 2 chargers, the typical amperage is between 10 and 16 amps. This means that the charger can deliver up to 10-16 amps of electric current to your EV's battery at any given time. The charging power can be calculated by multiplying the voltage of your electrical system (usually 110-240 volts) by the amperage.

Determining the Right Amps for Your Charging Needs

The right amperage for your mode 2 charger depends on various factors including your vehicle's battery capacity, charging time, and the available electrical capacity of your home. It is recommended to consult your vehicle manufacturer's guidelines or contact an electrician to determine the suitable amperage for your specific charging needs.

If you have a larger capacity battery in your EV, it may require higher amperage to charge efficiently in a reasonable amount of time. However, keep in mind that increasing the amperage also puts a greater demand on your electrical system. Therefore, it's important to ensure that your home electrical system can safely handle the amperage you plan to use for charging.


In conclusion, a mode 2 charger typically requires between 10 and 16 amps of electric current. The specific amperage will depend on various factors including your vehicle's battery capacity, charging time, and your home's electrical capacity. It is crucial to choose the right amperage for your charging needs while considering the safety requirements of your electrical system. Always consult the manufacturer guidelines or seek professional advice when setting up your mode 2 charger.



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