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What is EN ISO 22241-4:2013?

EN ISO 22241-4:2013 is the European standard that specifies the requirements for AdBlue®, an aqueous urea solution utilized as a reducing agent in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. This technical article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of EN ISO 22241-4:2013, its significance, and its impact on the automotive industry.

Understanding EN ISO 22241-4:2013

The first part of EN ISO 22241-4:2013 addresses the quality requirements and testing methods for AdBlue®. The objective is to ensure that AdBlue® produced, distributed, and used across different vehicles and SCR systems conform to specific criteria. These criteria are crucial for the effective operation of SCR systems, which aim to reduce harmful emissions from diesel engines.

EN ISO 22241-4:2013 defines the precise composition and purity standards for AdBlue®, ensuring its effectiveness in delivering the necessary chemical reactions within SCR systems. Moreover, the standard specifies the permissible impurity limits, including contaminants such as metals, non-metals, and particulate matter, to guarantee its optimal performance and prevent potential harm to exhaust after-treatment systems.

Importance of EN ISO 22241-4:2013

EN ISO 22241-4:2013 is integral for several reasons. Firstly, it harmonizes the production and use of AdBlue® across Europe, promoting consistency and compatibility among SCR systems. This standardization enables easier cross-border transportation and availability of the product, facilitating the smooth operation of diesel vehicles equipped with SCR technology in various regions.

Secondly, EN ISO 22241-4:2013 ensures that the quality of AdBlue® meets stringent requirements, guaranteeing proper functioning of SCR systems. AdBlue® plays a vital role in post-treatment of exhaust gases, reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and contributing to environmental sustainability. Compliance with the standard helps achieve cleaner air by minimizing harmful pollutants released by diesel engines.

Impact on the Automotive Industry

The introduction of EN ISO 22241-4:2013 has had a significant impact on the automotive industry. Vehicle manufacturers must adhere to this standard to ensure compatibility between their vehicles' SCR systems and AdBlue® available in the market. Similarly, AdBlue® producers and distributors must meet the precise specifications outlined in the standard to guarantee quality and compliance. This standardization creates a reliable and efficient supply chain for AdBlue®, enhancing its availability and accessibility for end consumers.

Furthermore, the implementation of EN ISO 22241-4:2013 has facilitated the growth and adoption of SCR technology in reducing emissions from diesel engines. The success of SCR systems in meeting increasingly stringent emission regulations relies heavily on the correct formulation and usage of AdBlue®. By aligning with this standard, the industry can continue to improve air quality and mitigate the negative impact of diesel exhaust on human health and the environment.



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