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What is IEC 60309-3:2017?

IEC 60309-3:2017, also known as the International Electrotechnical Commission standard, is a comprehensive technical document that outlines the requirements for industrial and higher current connectors. The standard is widely recognized and implemented across various industries globally to ensure safe and reliable electrical connections.

History and Scope of IEC 60309-3:2017

The IEC 60309 standard was initially introduced in the early 1970s with the aim of standardizing plugs, socket outlets, and connectors used in industrial applications. Over time, it has undergone several revisions to keep up with technological advancements and evolving safety regulations. The latest revision, IEC 60309-3:2017, focuses specifically on high current (>16 A) connectors used for industrial purposes, providing detailed guidelines and specifications for their design, construction, and performance requirements.

Main Features and Benefits

IEC 60309-3:2017 brings numerous benefits to various stakeholders involved in the use and production of industrial connectors. Firstly, the standard ensures interoperability, enabling connectors from different manufacturers to be compatible and easily interchangeable. This allows for flexibility in industrial installations and simplifies maintenance and repair processes. Additionally, the standard emphasizes safety aspects, including protection against electric shock, ingress of dust and water, and resistance to mechanical stress. By adhering to IEC 60309-3:2017, organizations can minimize the risk of accidents, reduce downtime, and enhance worker safety.


In conclusion, IEC 60309-3:2017 plays a critical role in promoting standardization, safety, and reliability in the field of industrial connectors. Its comprehensive guidelines ensure that connectors meet specific performance criteria, allowing for consistent and secure electrical connections. By adopting this standard, organizations can trust in the quality and compatibility of industrial connectors, leading to improved productivity, reduced risks, and enhanced overall operational efficiency.



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