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What is BS EN 60255-11:2014?

The BS EN 60255-11:2014 is a technical standard that defines the requirements for measuring relays and protection equipment used in electrical energy systems. This standard provides guidelines for the design, construction, testing, and performance evaluation of these devices. It ensures that the relays and protection equipment meet specific criteria to ensure reliable and safe operation.

Understanding the Scope

The BS EN 60255-11:2014 standard covers a wide range of measurement relays and protection equipment used in various electrical applications such as power generation, transmission, and distribution systems. It includes guidelines for several aspects, including basic functional requirements, environmental conditions, electromagnetic compatibility, mechanical specifications, and overall performance criteria.

This standard applies to both electromechanical and electronic measuring relays and protection equipment. It takes into account factors like voltage, current, frequency, power, temperature, time, and other parameters necessary for accurate measurement and protection within an electrical system.

Benefits and Applications

BS EN 60255-11:2014 compliance ensures that the measuring relays and protection equipment meet industry standards and performance benchmarks. Here are some key benefits of adhering to this standard:

1. Improved System Reliability: This standard ensures that the devices used for measuring and protection purposes in electrical energy systems perform reliably under different operating conditions, minimizing the risk of malfunctions, failures, and costly downtime.

2. Enhanced Safety Measures: The standard sets specific requirements for critical safety features, ensuring that personnel and equipment are protected from potential hazards or accidents related to electrical faults, overloads, short circuits, or abnormal operating conditions.

3. Compatibility and Interoperability: Compliance with BS EN 60255-11:2014 facilitates interoperability between different devices from different manufacturers. It allows for easier integration and communication between various measuring relays and protection equipment, simplifying system configuration and operation.


The BS EN 60255-11:2014 standard is essential in maintaining the efficiency, reliability, and safety of measuring relays and protection equipment used in electrical energy systems. Adhering to this standard ensures that these devices perform accurately and consistently, protecting personnel, equipment, and the overall electrical system from potential failures or hazards. Complying with this standard ultimately contributes to the overall stability and seamless operation of electrical networks.



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