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What is EN 50764-2010?


EN 50764-2010 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements for the measurement and evaluation of electromagnetic fields emitted by electronic and electrical equipment in the frequency range of 0 Hz to 300 GHz. It provides guidance on assessing whether the levels of electromagnetic fields generated by these devices are within the safety limits defined by international organizations.

The Purpose of EN 50764-2010

The primary purpose of EN 50764-2010 is to protect individuals from potential health hazards associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields. This standard helps ensure that electronic and electrical equipment, such as mobile phones, antennas, Wi-Fi routers, and household appliances, comply with safety regulations and emit acceptable levels of electromagnetic radiation.

Moreover, the standard ensures compatibility between different electronic devices and prevents interference between them. By defining limits and measurement methods, EN 50764-2010 enables manufacturers to test and certify their equipment, providing consumers with confidence in the safety and reliability of their purchases.

Main Components of EN 50764-2010

The standard consists of several key components:

Limit Values: EN 50764-2010 defines specific limits for electromagnetic field exposure based on relevant scientific research and international guidelines. These limits vary depending on the frequency range, duration of exposure, and specific applications (e.g., occupational or general public).

Measuring Techniques: The standard provides detailed instructions on how to measure electromagnetic fields accurately. It covers measurement equipment, calibration procedures, measurement distances, and specific settings for various types of electronic equipment.

Evaluation of Compliance: EN 50764-2010 specifies the requirements for evaluating compliance with the defined limits. It outlines the steps and criteria for assessing the measured values against the applicable limits and determining whether a device meets the safety requirements.

Documentation and Labeling: The standard also emphasizes the importance of documentation and labeling of compliant devices. Manufacturers are required to provide comprehensive information about the equipment's electromagnetic emissions to users, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their exposure and usage.


In conclusion, EN 50764-2010 is a crucial technical standard that ensures the safety and compatibility of electronic and electrical equipment in terms of electromagnetic field emissions. By setting limits, defining measurement techniques, and establishing evaluation criteria, this standard protects individuals from potential health risks and guarantees the quality of products in the market. Compliance with EN 50764-2010 provides assurance that the devices we use daily meet the necessary safety standards and do not pose undue risks associated with electromagnetic radiation.



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