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What is BS EN ISO-TR 10014:2013?

BS EN ISO-TR 10014:2013 is a technical report that provides guidelines for organizations on how to effectively manage organizational performance using quality management principles. Specifically, it focuses on the application of quality management systems to achieve sustained success.

The Purpose

The purpose of BS EN ISO-TR 10014:2013 is to guide organizations in establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving their quality management systems. It aims to help organizations meet the needs and expectations of their stakeholders while ensuring sustained success. The technical report offers valuable insights into how to manage performance effectively and enhance overall organizational efficiency.

Key Principles

BS EN ISO-TR 10014:2013 emphasizes several key principles that organizations should consider when managing performance:

Customer focus: Organizations should identify and understand their customers' needs and expectations to enhance customer satisfaction.

Leadership: Leaders play a critical role in establishing and aligning objectives within the organization. They should promote a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

Involvement of people: Engaging employees at all levels fosters a sense of ownership and commitment.

Process approach: Organizations should improve processes to achieve desired outcomes and meet objectives efficiently.

Evidence-based decision making: Decisions should be based on the analysis and evaluation of data and information.

Relationship management: Building strong relationships with suppliers and partners enhances collaboration and mutual benefits.

Implementation Challenges

Implementing BS EN ISO-TR 10014:2013 may present some challenges for organizations. For instance, it requires a comprehensive understanding of the organization's processes and performance indicators. Additionally, it may involve significant cultural and structural changes within the organization. However, the benefits of a well-implemented quality management system are worth overcoming these challenges.

In conclusion, BS EN ISO-TR 10014:2013 offers organizations valuable guidance on managing organizational performance through quality management principles. By implementing these guidelines, organizations can enhance customer satisfaction, improve efficiency, and achieve sustained success.



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