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What is ISO-IEC 30158:2013?

ISO-IEC 30158:2013 is an international standard that provides guidelines and requirements for writing technical articles. It serves as a framework for authors, editors, and publishers to ensure clarity, consistency, and accuracy in technical documentation. This standard is applicable to various fields, including technology, science, engineering, and industry.

Benefits of ISO-IEC 30158:2013

ISO-IEC 30158:2013 brings several benefits to both writers and readers of technical articles. Firstly, it promotes a systematic approach to organizing and presenting information, making it easier for readers to understand complex concepts. Secondly, it improves the consistency of terminology and writing style, enhancing readability and reducing misunderstandings. Thirdly, it establishes guidelines for proper citation and referencing, ensuring the credibility and traceability of information. Overall, this standard helps to enhance the overall quality and effectiveness of technical articles.

Key Guidelines of ISO-IEC 30158:2013

ISO-IEC 30158:2013 outlines several key guidelines that authors should follow when writing technical articles. Firstly, it emphasizes the importance of clearly defining the objectives and scope of the article, enabling readers to understand its purpose. Secondly, it encourages the use of standardized terminology and notation, facilitating communication and comprehension. Thirdly, it recommends the inclusion of illustrations, tables, and examples to supplement textual explanations. Additionally, it highlights the significance of proofreading and revising articles before publication to eliminate errors and improve overall quality.


ISO-IEC 30158:2013 plays a vital role in promoting effective communication and comprehension in technical articles. By providing guidelines for organizing information, standardizing terminology, and improving readability, this international standard helps authors produce high-quality technical articles. Implementing ISO-IEC 30158:2013 not only benefits writers by enhancing the clarity and accuracy of their work but also benefits readers by making technical information more accessible and understandable.



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