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What is ISO/IEC 18013-4:2018?

ISO/IEC 18013-4:2018 is an international standard that focuses on the technical specifications and requirements for enabling digital identification and authentication of an individual using a mobile device. This standard provides guidelines for the implementation of secure digital identity systems, ensuring interoperability and security across different platforms.

The Importance of ISO/IEC 18013-4:2018

With the increasing reliance on digital identity verification for various applications, such as e-commerce, online banking, and access control, it is crucial to have a standardized approach to ensure trust and security. ISO/IEC 18013-4:2018 plays a vital role in establishing a common framework that enables organizations to implement robust and secure digital identification systems.

Key Features and Requirements

ISO/IEC 18013-4:2018 emphasizes several key features and requirements for digital identification systems. Firstly, it defines the structure of tamper-resistant digital identification documents that can be stored securely on a mobile device. These documents typically include information such as personal details, biometric data, and a representation of the individual's face.

Secondly, the standard outlines methods for secure authentication and verification of digital identities. It specifies the use of encryption algorithms, digital signatures, and trusted certificates to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the digital identification documents. Additionally, it addresses protocols for secure communication between the mobile device and identity management systems.

Benefits and Potential Impact

Adopting ISO/IEC 18013-4:2018 brings numerous benefits and potential impacts. Firstly, it enhances user convenience by enabling individuals to carry their identification documents digitally on their mobile devices, eliminating the need for physical documents. This not only simplifies access to services but also reduces the risk of document loss or theft.

Moreover, this standard promotes global interoperability by providing a common framework for digital identification systems. Organizations that comply with ISO/IEC 18013-4:2018 can seamlessly share and validate digital identities across borders, facilitating international collaborations and reducing administrative burdens.



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