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What is UL 1395? .


UL 1395 is an important standard in the electrical industry. It specifies the requirements for the marking and rating of electric cables, cords, and wires. This standard helps ensure the safety and reliability of electrical products by providing guidelines for manufacturers to follow. In this article, we will take a closer look at UL 1395 and understand its significance in the industry.

Understanding UL 1395

UL 1395 covers various aspects related to cables, cords, and wires including voltage ratings, temperature ratings, conductor sizes, insulation materials, and more. The standard defines specific labeling requirements, allowing consumers and professionals to easily identify and select products that meet their needs.

One of the key elements of UL 1395 is the voltage rating. This information indicates the maximum voltage that the cable or wire can safely handle. Different applications require different voltage ratings, and it is crucial to choose the right product to ensure proper functioning and prevent hazards.

The temperature rating is another important aspect covered by UL 1395. Electrical products generate heat during operation, and it is essential that cables and wires can withstand the generated heat without degrading or becoming a fire hazard. The standard sets temperature limits for different types of insulation materials, enabling users to select products suitable for their intended applications.

Compliance and Certification

Manufacturers play a vital role in ensuring their products comply with UL 1395. They need to perform rigorous testing and evaluation to confirm that their cables, cords, and wires meet the required standards. Compliance with UL 1395 not only guarantees the quality and safety of the products but also enhances consumer confidence.

Once a manufacturer successfully demonstrates compliance, they can obtain UL certification. UL certification acts as proof that the product has undergone comprehensive testing and meets the necessary requirements. It enables manufacturers to market their products with the well-recognized "UL Listed" mark, which further strengthens consumer trust.


UL 1395 is a crucial standard that ensures the safety and reliability of electrical cables, cords, and wires. Its guidelines regarding voltage ratings, temperature ratings, and other parameters help manufacturers produce compliant products, while also allowing consumers to make informed choices. Compliance with UL 1395 sets a high standard for the industry, promoting safety and minimizing risks associated with electrical products. By following this standard, manufacturers can provide reliable and safe electrical solutions.

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