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What is BS EN 50174-7:2018


BS EN 50174-7:2018 is a technical standard that sets out the requirements for information technology (IT) infrastructure. It provides guidelines for designing, building, and maintaining IT cabling systems within buildings or data centers. This article aims to provide a thorough understanding of the key aspects covered by BS EN 50174-7:2018.

Scope and Objectives

The scope of BS EN 50174-7:2018 includes the planning, installation, testing, and documentation of IT cabling systems. Its primary objective is to ensure the reliability and performance of IT infrastructures by specifying requirements for various components involved, such as cables, connectors, and pathways.

This standard addresses the needs of both new and existing installations, emphasizing the importance of proper planning and design to accommodate future growth and technological advancements. It also emphasizes the need for regular testing and maintenance to ensure continued performance and compliance.

Key Requirements

Planning and Design

The planning and design phase plays a crucial role in ensuring a robust and efficient IT cabling system. BS EN 50174-7:2018 emphasizes the need for a comprehensive understanding of the organization's present and future requirements. It outlines the factors to be considered during the planning process, including network topology, cable routing, and segregation.

Moreover, this standard mandates the use of structured cabling systems to support multiple applications and technologies. It provides guidelines on the various parameters to consider when selecting cables, connectors, and other system components.

Installation and Testing

BS EN 50174-7:2018 lays down specific requirements for the installation of IT cabling systems. It covers guidelines for proper cable management, grounding, bonding, and fire safety measures. The standard also emphasizes compliance with national and international regulations to ensure safety and interoperability.

Furthermore, this standard highlights the significance of testing and documentation. It provides test methods for verifying the performance and functionality of the installed cabling system, including parameters such as transmission loss, NEXT, and TCL. Proper documentation of test results, cable labeling, and as-built drawings are vital to facilitate troubleshooting, maintenance, and future expansions.


BS EN 50174-7:2018 serves as a comprehensive guideline for designing, installing, and maintaining IT cabling systems. Following its requirements ensures the reliability, performance, and scalability of an organization's IT infrastructure. By adhering to the standard, organizations can minimize network downtime, enhance data security, and effectively plan for future growth.

In conclusion, BS EN 50174-7:2018 is essential for any organization seeking to establish a robust and efficient IT cabling system. Compliance with this standard not only guarantees the optimal performance of the organization's IT infrastructure but also contributes to the overall success and competitiveness of the business.



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