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What is EN 511:2006?

EN 511:2006 is a professional technical standard that specifies requirements for protective gloves against cold. It aims to ensure the safety and performance of gloves used in cold environments. This standard was developed by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and is widely recognized and adopted globally.

The Purpose of EN 511:2006

The primary purpose of EN 511:2006 is to provide manufacturers, suppliers, and users with a common understanding of the performance characteristics of gloves designed for protection against cold. It sets out specific requirements for these gloves in terms of thermal insulation, resistance to water penetration, and resistance to convective and contact cold.

Key Requirements of EN 511:2006

EN 511:2006 sets forth three key performance requirements for cold-protective gloves:

Thermal Insulation - The standard measures the amount of heat transfer from the inside to the outside of the glove material, quantifying its ability to retain warmth. The higher the assigned protection level, the better the insulation properties of the glove.

Resistance to Water Penetration - The effectiveness of the gloves in preventing water penetration is assessed through a hydrostatic pressure test. A higher resistance rating indicates greater protection against water entry.

Resistance to Convective and Contact Cold - This requirement evaluates the glove's ability to resist cold exposure caused by contact with cold surfaces or cold airflow. A higher level of resistance implies better protection against both types of cold exposure.

Choosing the Right Gloves

When selecting gloves that adhere to EN 511:2006, it is essential to consider the specific working conditions and environmental factors. Different sectors and tasks may require gloves with varying levels of thermal insulation or water resistance. Additionally, the ability to maintain dexterity and grip should be taken into account in relation to the required protection level.

By choosing gloves that comply with EN 511:2006, users can ensure they have durable and effective hand protection against cold, reducing the risk of cold-related injuries and illnesses in the workplace.



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