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What is BS EN 61386-5-3:2011?

BS EN 61386-5-3:2011 is a technical standard that defines the requirements for conduit systems for cable management. It specifically focuses on conduit systems made from thermoplastics, such as PVC, intended for use in electrical installations.

Scope and Objectives

The standard establishes various criteria for conduit systems including dimensions, materials, fittings, marking, and testing methods. Its primary objective is to ensure that conduit systems meet the necessary standards of quality and safety in electrical installations.

Main Requirements

The standard lays down specific requirements for conduit systems, such as:

Dimensions: The size and shape specifications for conduit systems are detailed to ensure compatibility with cables and other components.

Materials: The standard specifies the types of thermoplastic materials that are suitable for use in conduit systems and their corresponding properties.

Fittings: Various types of fittings, such as connectors and couplings, must meet certain criteria to guarantee proper installation and performance.

Marking: Conduit systems need to be clearly marked with relevant information, such as manufacturer's name, material type, and applicable standards.

Testing: The standard provides guidelines for conducting tests on conduit systems to verify their durability, impact resistance, and other important factors.

Benefits of Compliance

Compliance with BS EN 61386-5-3:2011 ensures that conduit systems used in electrical installations provide a high level of quality and safety. By following the standard's guidelines, installers and consumers can have confidence in the reliability of the conduit systems.

In summary, BS EN 61386-5-3:2011 is a technical standard that establishes requirements for conduit systems made from thermoplastics. Its main objectives are to ensure compatibility, reliability, and safety in electrical installations. By complying with this standard, users can have peace of mind knowing that their conduit systems meet the necessary quality criteria.



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