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What is IEC 60335-2-47?

IEC 60335-2-47 is an international standard that provides safety requirements and test methods for household appliances using infrared radiation as a heating source. This standard is part of the larger IEC 60335 series, which covers various safety aspects of household appliances.

Importance of IEC 60335-2-47

IEC 60335-2-47 plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of appliances that use infrared radiation for heating purposes. By following this standard, manufacturers can develop products that are safe to use in households worldwide. Compliance with IEC 60335-2-47 not only protects consumers from potential hazards but also prevents accidents and injuries caused by malfunctioning or poorly designed appliances.

Key Requirements of IEC 60335-2-47

IEC 60335-2-47 specifies safety requirements related to the construction, performance, and testing of appliances using infrared radiation. Some of the key requirements include:

Protection against electric shock

Safeguards against overheating and fire hazards

Insulation and isolation requirements

Electromagnetic compatibility

Proper labeling and marking

Additionally, the standard addresses specific risks associated with different types of appliances, such as cooking appliances, portable heaters, and surface heating panels.

Compliance and Certification

Appliance manufacturers must ensure that their products comply with the provisions of IEC 60335-2-47. Compliance can be demonstrated through various means, including self-declaration or third-party testing and certification. Third-party certification provides an independent assessment of the appliance's conformity, giving consumers confidence in the safety and performance of the product.

Organizations such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and national standards bodies are responsible for enforcing and promoting compliance with IEC 60335-2-47. They work together to develop and update the standard based on technological advancements and emerging safety concerns.


IEC 60335-2-47 sets out essential safety requirements and test methods for household appliances that utilize infrared radiation as a heating source. Compliance with this standard ensures that such appliances are designed and manufactured to prevent potential hazards and protect users from accidents or injuries. By following IEC 60335-2-47, manufacturers can contribute to the overall safety of households worldwide.



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