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What is ISO 55307-2018?


ISO 55307-2018 is a technical standard that focuses on the requirements and guidelines for implementing quality management systems in the field of writing. This standard provides writers, editors, and content creators with a set of best practices to ensure high-quality written materials.

Main Elements of ISO 55307-2018

ISO 55307-2018 covers various aspects of writing to maintain consistency, clarity, and effectiveness across different forms of communication. These include:

Language and Grammar: The standard emphasizes the correct usage of grammar, punctuation, and language style. It provides guidance on improving sentence structure and vocabulary to enhance readability.

Content Structure: ISO 55307-2018 encourages writers to develop a logical and coherent structure for their content. This involves organizing information in a way that is easy to understand and follow.

Technical Writing: The standard offers specific guidelines for technical writing, ensuring that complex information is presented clearly and accurately. It covers aspects such as standardization of terminology and appropriate citation of sources.

Editing and Proofreading: ISO 55307-2018 stresses the importance of thorough editing and proofreading processes. It highlights the need for multiple rounds of review to eliminate errors and improve overall quality.

Benefits of Implementing ISO 55307-2018

By adhering to ISO 55307-2018, organizations can achieve several benefits:

Consistency: Following a standardized approach promotes consistency in writing style and language usage throughout an organization.

Quality Assurance: The standard enhances the overall quality of written materials, which reflects positively on the organization's reputation.

Efficiency: A streamlined writing process reduces time and effort spent on revisions and ensures faster delivery of accurate content.

Customer Satisfaction: High-quality written materials contribute to better customer experiences, as they can easily understand and engage with the content.


ISO 55307-2018 serves as a valuable resource for writers and organizations looking to improve their writing practices. By implementing the guidelines provided by this standard, organizations can enhance the quality, clarity, and effectiveness of their written communication, leading to improved outcomes and increased customer satisfaction.



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