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What is BS EN ISO 8528-11:2010?

BS EN ISO 8528-11:2010 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and specifications for the performance, operation, and testing of emergency power supply systems (EPSS). It specifically focuses on reciprocating internal combustion engine driven generators. This standard ensures the reliability and safety of these essential power systems used in various industries such as healthcare, data centers, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

Scope and Objectives

The scope of BS EN ISO 8528-11:2010 covers all aspects of emergency power supply systems with ratings between 0.5 kVA and 3,000 kVA. The objective is to establish a set of requirements that manufacturers, suppliers, and operators must follow to ensure the quality, durability, and proper functioning of these systems during power outages or emergencies.

Main Provisions

This technical standard outlines several key provisions that need to be adhered to when designing, installing, and operating an emergency power supply system. These provisions include:

Performance and environmental testing requirements

Design considerations for generator sets

Temperature-rise limits during operation

Fuel oil storage and handling

Exhaust system design and emissions control

Installation and site-specific factors

Maintenance and testing procedures

Benefits and Importance

Complying with the requirements outlined in BS EN ISO 8528-11:2010 offers several benefits. First and foremost, it enhances the reliability and safety of emergency power supply systems, reducing the risk of failures during critical moments. It also helps manufacturers produce high-quality generator sets and ensures that operators have clear guidelines to follow for optimal performance.

Additionally, following this technical standard ensures that emergency power supply systems are environmentally friendly by setting criteria for emissions control, fuel efficiency, and noise levels. This helps organizations meet sustainability and regulatory requirements.


In conclusion, BS EN ISO 8528-11:2010 plays a vital role in ensuring the reliable operation of emergency power supply systems. By providing comprehensive guidelines and specifications, it guarantees the quality, durability, and appropriate functioning of these critical systems. Compliance with this standard enables organizations to have robust emergency power solutions that can withstand power outages, safeguard critical operations, and protect lives.



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