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What is ISO-TR 18770:22010?

ISO-TR 18770:22010 is a technical report published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It provides guidelines and recommendations for writing easy-to-understand technical articles. This standard helps writers to convey complex technical concepts in a clear and accessible manner. In this article, we will delve deeper into the purpose of ISO-TR 18770:22010 and explore its importance.

The Importance of Clear and Accessible Technical Writing

Effective technical writing plays a crucial role in various fields, including engineering, science, medicine, and technology. However, many technical documents are often filled with jargon, complex terminology, and convoluted sentence structures, making it difficult for readers to comprehend the information presented. This creates a barrier between experts and non-experts, hindering knowledge sharing and collaboration. ISO-TR 18770:22010 aims to address this issue by providing guidelines to improve the readability and accessibility of technical articles.

Guidelines for Writing Easy-to-Understand Technical Articles

ISO-TR 18770:22010 outlines several key principles that writers should follow when composing technical articles. First and foremost, it emphasizes the use of plain language. This means avoiding unnecessary technical terms, acronyms, and abbreviations, or clearly explaining them if they are unavoidable. The report also suggests using shorter sentences and paragraphs, as well as organizing the content in a logical and sequential manner. Additionally, ISO-TR 18770:22010 encourages the use of visual aids, such as diagrams, illustrations, and charts, to enhance understanding and engagement.

Benefits of Adhering to ISO-TR 18770:22010

Adhering to ISO-TR 18770:22010 can bring numerous benefits to both writers and readers. By following the guidelines, writers can effectively communicate their ideas to a wider audience, including non-experts in the field. This leads to increased knowledge dissemination, improved collaboration, and enhanced decision-making processes. For readers, easy-to-understand technical articles save time and effort in deciphering complex information. It allows them to grasp concepts quickly, make informed decisions, and apply the knowledge gained more effectively.



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