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What is BS EN ISO 30517:2011?

BS EN ISO 30517:2011, also known as "Information and Documentation - Data Curation - Data Requirements for Long-term Preservation," is a standard that provides guidelines for the preservation of digital data in the long term. This standard was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).

Importance of BS EN ISO 30517:2011

In today's digital age, there is an increasing need to preserve and manage vast amounts of data to ensure its accessibility, usability, and authenticity in the long run. BS EN ISO 30517:2011 addresses this need by defining the requirements for organizations to create and maintain curated data repositories that guarantee the long-term preservation of valuable data.

Key Principles of BS EN ISO 30517:2011

The standard outlines several key principles that organizations should follow when implementing long-term data preservation strategies:

Integrity: Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of preserved data through appropriate documentation and metadata.

Authenticity: Verifying the origin and integrity of data over time, including audit trails and chain of custody documentation.

Accessibility: Allowing authorized users to access and retrieve preserved data, regardless of technological changes.

Usability: Ensuring preserved data remains usable by maintaining compatibility with relevant software and hardware systems.

Interoperability: Promoting the exchange and sharing of preserved data between different systems and organizations.

Implementing BS EN ISO 30517:2011

To effectively implement BS EN ISO 30517:2011, organizations need to establish comprehensive data curation strategies that encompass the entire lifecycle of digital information. This includes:

Identifying and documenting data assets that require long-term preservation.

Creating well-defined metadata schemas to describe the characteristics and provenance of preserved data.

Implementing robust backup and disaster recovery mechanisms to ensure the availability and integrity of preserved data.

Regularly monitoring and auditing the preservation processes to identify and address any potential risks or issues.

Collaborating with other organizations and experts to develop best practices and standards in long-term data preservation.


BS EN ISO 30517:2011 plays a crucial role in guiding organizations towards effective long-term data preservation. By adhering to its principles and implementing comprehensive data curation strategies, businesses and institutions can ensure that valuable digital information remains accessible and usable for future generations.



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