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What is IEC 61000-4-24:2019?

IEC 61000-4-24:2019 is an international standard that focuses on electrical disturbances caused by radiated electromagnetic energy. This standard was developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which sets guidelines for ensuring compatibility and reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) in electrical and electronic equipment.

Understanding EMI and Its Impact

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) refers to the phenomenon where unwanted electrical impulses disrupt the normal functioning of electronic devices and systems. EMI can be caused by various factors such as power lines, radio waves, or other electrical equipment operating in close proximity. It can result in signal degradation, data loss, reduced performance, or even complete system failure. IEC 61000-4-24:2019 addresses these issues by providing a comprehensive framework for testing and mitigating EMI-related problems.

Key Features of IEC 61000-4-24:2019

The IEC 61000-4-24:2019 standard covers a wide range of aspects related to electrical disturbances. It outlines test methods and levels for immunity to radiated electromagnetic fields in various environments. The standard specifies test setups, measurement procedures, and performance criteria for evaluating the immunity of equipment under test (EUT). By following the guidelines provided by IEC 61000-4-24:2019, manufacturers can ensure that their products are resilient against EMI and meet the necessary compliance requirements.

Benefits and Applications

Compliance with IEC 61000-4-24:2019 brings numerous benefits to both manufacturers and consumers. Firstly, it enhances the reliability and performance of electrical and electronic equipment by reducing the impact of EMI. This leads to improved product quality, increased customer satisfaction, and higher operational efficiency. Secondly, it allows manufacturers to demonstrate the conformance of their products to international standards, facilitating market access and global trade. Lastly, it promotes harmonization among different industries and enables compatibility between various devices and systems, fostering seamless integration and interoperability.



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