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What is ISO 13849-1:2016

ISO 13849-1:2016 is an international standard related to risk assessment and safety of machinery. It provides guidelines for the design and implementation of safety-related parts of control systems (SRP/CS) on machinery.

Risk Assessment

An essential aspect of ISO 13849-1:2016 is the requirement for a thorough risk assessment. This involves identifying and evaluating potential hazards associated with a machine, including those that may result from its operation, maintenance, or malfunction. The risk assessment helps determine the performance level (PL) required for each safety function.

Performance Level (PL)

The concept of Performance Level (PL) plays a significant role in ISO 13849-1:2016. PL is a measure of how well a safety function reduces the risk presented by a hazardous event. The standard provides a classification system ranging from PL "a," representing the lowest level of risk reduction, to PL "e," representing the highest level of risk reduction. The selection of the appropriate PL depends on the outcome of the risk assessment.

Safety-Related Control Systems (SRP/CS)

ISO 13849-1:2016 covers the design and implementation of Safety-Related Parts of Control Systems (SRP/CS). This includes electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic systems used for safety purposes. The standard outlines requirements for the reliability and performance of these systems, such as the necessary diagnostic measures, fault tolerance, and monitoring of indicators for system health.

Implementing ISO 13849-1:2016 can significantly contribute to enhancing the safety of machinery and reducing the risk of accidents in various industries. Adhering to this standard ensures that safety functions are properly designed, implemented, and maintained, providing a safer working environment for operators and minimizing the potential for injuries or fatalities.



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