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Which OS/I layers are used for CANopen?

CANopen is a high-level communication protocol based on the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus standard. It is widely used in various industries, including automotive, industrial automation, and medical devices. To implement CANopen, several key OS/I (Operating System/Interface) layers are utilized.

1. CAN Driver Layer

The first layer in the CANopen architecture is the CAN driver layer. This layer provides the necessary hardware abstraction to communicate with the physical CAN bus interface. It includes functionalities like message transmission and reception, bus arbitration, error handling, and speed control. The CAN driver layer interacts directly with the CAN controller hardware.

2. Protocol Stack Layer

The protocol stack layer is responsible for implementing the CANopen protocol itself. It provides a set of standardized communication services and protocols that enable devices to exchange data and information. The protocol stack layer includes functionalities like node identification, network management, synchronization, PDO (Process Data Object) exchange, and heartbeat monitoring. It also handles the mapping of CANopen objects to the corresponding application variables.

3. Application Layer

The topmost layer in the CANopen architecture is the application layer. This layer is responsible for implementing the specific application logic and functionality. It uses the services provided by the lower layers to exchange process data and configuration parameters with other networked devices. The application layer defines the device-specific behavior and functionality, such as device control, data processing, diagnostics, and fault handling.


In summary, the implementation of CANopen involves utilizing different OS/I layers. The CAN driver layer interfaces with the hardware, the protocol stack layer implements the CANopen protocol, and the application layer handles the specific device functionality. Understanding these layers is essential for developing and deploying CANopen-based systems effectively.



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