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What is UL 971 Ed.2?

UL 971 Ed.2 is a globally recognized standard for the safety performance of flexible fuel dispensing hose assemblies for use in gasoline, diesel, and biodiesel stations. This technical standard provides manufacturers, distributors, and end-users with guidelines and requirements to ensure reliable and safe fuel transfer.

The Importance of UL 971 Ed.2

In the automotive industry, safety is paramount, especially when it comes to handling flammable liquids like gasoline and diesel. UL 971 Ed.2 sets forth specific testing procedures and performance requirements that hoses must meet to be deemed safe for use. Compliance with this standard gives consumers confidence in the durability and reliability of fuel dispensing hoses.

Moreover, UL 971 Ed.2 addresses potential hazards associated with fuel handling, such as resistance to fuel permeation, kinking, static electricity buildup, and exposure to extreme temperatures. By ensuring the integrity and performance of flexible fuel dispensing hose assemblies, this standard mitigates risks related to leaks, spills, and other safety incidents.

The Testing Process

Under UL 971 Ed.2, manufacturers are required to submit their hose assemblies for rigorous testing. This process involves evaluating various aspects of the product's performance, including burst pressure, tensile strength, and resistance to flame propagation. Additionally, the hoses must undergo testing for compatibility with different types of fuels, such as gasoline containing ethanol or biodiesel blends.

These tests are conducted by certified laboratories following the procedures outlined in the standard. The results are then used to determine if the hose assembly meets the performance requirements set forth in UL 971 Ed.2. Only after successfully passing all the tests can a manufacturer claim compliance with this important safety standard.

Benefits for Manufacturers and Consumers

For manufacturers, adhering to UL 971 Ed.2 demonstrates their commitment to producing high-quality products that prioritize safety. Certification allows them to market their hose assemblies with confidence and can give them a competitive edge in the industry. It also provides manufacturers with a clear framework for product development and quality control.

Consumers, on the other hand, benefit from the use of hoses that comply with UL 971 Ed.2. They can trust that the fuel dispensing equipment they are using is designed and tested to meet stringent safety requirements. This assurance promotes peace of mind and ensures that fueling operations remain safe and secure for both users and the environment.



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