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What is EN 510841:2010?

EN 510841:2010 is a technical standard that specifies requirements for electronic documentation used in the field of engineering. The standard sets forth guidelines for creating, organizing, and maintaining technical documents to ensure consistency, accuracy, and usability. It provides a framework for documenting products, systems, and processes within the engineering industry.

The Purpose of EN 510841:2010

The main aim of EN 510841:2010 is to enhance communication and facilitate the exchange of technical information within the engineering community. It addresses various aspects of document preparation, including document structure, writing style, terminology, and visual representation. By following this standard, engineers can create well-structured, user-friendly documents that effectively convey complex technical concepts and procedures.

Key Requirements of EN 510841:2010

EN 510841:2010 outlines several key requirements that must be met when creating technical documentation. These requirements cover different areas such as document structure, content organization, and presentation. Here are some essential elements specified by the standard:

Clear and consistent use of headings and subheadings

Logical organization of content, using numbered sections if necessary

Use of appropriate technical terminology and language

Inclusion of relevant diagrams, images, and tables

Consistent formatting of text, including font styles and sizes

Proper citation of references and sources of information

Benefits of Adhering to EN 510841:2010

Following EN 510841:2010 brings numerous benefits to both engineers and end-users of technical documentation. Firstly, it ensures a standardized approach to document creation and maintenance, making it easier for different professionals to understand and collaborate on projects. This standardization also facilitates the translation and localization of technical documents for international markets.

Moreover, adhering to EN 510841:2010 enhances the overall quality and usability of technical documentation. By providing clear guidelines for content structure, language use, and visual representation, the standard helps create documents that are easy to read, navigate, and comprehend. This, in turn, improves the efficiency and effectiveness of knowledge transfer within the engineering industry.


EN 510841:2010 plays a crucial role in improving the documentation practices within the engineering field. It sets a common standard for creating well-structured and user-friendly technical documents, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and usability. Adhering to this standard benefits both professionals and end-users by enhancing communication, facilitating collaboration, and improving the overall quality of technical information exchange.



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