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ISO-TR 30174:2013

ISO-TR 30174:2013 is a technical report that provides guidance and recommendations for implementing information and documentation within organizations. This standard aims to help organizations improve their documentation processes, enabling them to effectively manage and communicate information.

Understanding the Purpose

The purpose of ISO-TR 30174:2013 is to establish guidelines for creating clear, concise, and accurate documentation across various industries. It focuses on enhancing the usability and accessibility of information, ensuring that it can be easily understood and effectively utilized by its intended audience.

Benefits of ISO-TR 30174:2013

Implementing ISO-TR 30174:2013 offers several advantages to organizations. Firstly, it promotes consistency in documentation practices, leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness in managing information. By following standardized guidelines, organizations can minimize ambiguity and misinterpretation, thereby mitigating risks associated with unclear information.

Secondly, ISO-TR 30174:2013 emphasizes the importance of user-centric documentation. It encourages organizations to consider the needs and expectations of their target audience, ensuring that information is tailored to their specific requirements. This enhances user satisfaction and increases overall usability.

Implementation Guidelines

To effectively implement ISO-TR 30174:2013, organizations should start by assessing their existing documentation processes. Identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to streamline documentation creation, storage, and retrieval.

Next, establish clear document authoring guidelines, including style, formatting, and language conventions. These guidelines should align with the principles outlined in ISO-TR 30174:2013.

Additionally, organizations should consider implementing tools and software that facilitate the creation and management of documentation. These tools can automate certain documentation processes, saving time and improving consistency.


In conclusion, ISO-TR 30174:2013 provides valuable guidance for creating effective documentation within organizations. By following the recommendations outlined in this standard, organizations can improve the usability, accessibility, and overall quality of their information.



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