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What is BS EN 13617-1:2015?


BS EN 13617-1:2015 is a technical standard that provides guidelines and specifications for road tanker metering systems. These systems are used for measuring the quantity of liquids, such as fuels or chemicals, being loaded or unloaded from road tankers.

Key Requirements of BS EN 13617-1:2015

One of the key requirements outlined in BS EN 13617-1:2015 is the accuracy of the metering system. It requires that the meter should have a maximum permissible error (MPE) within certain limits, typically expressed as a percentage of the flow rate. This ensures that the measurements provided by the system are reliable and trustworthy.

Another important requirement is the verification and calibration of the metering system. BS EN 13617-1:2015 specifies that the system should undergo regular inspections and tests to ensure that it continues to meet the required standards. This involves checking the accuracy of the meter against a known reference, and making any necessary adjustments.

Benefits and Applications

Implementing BS EN 13617-1:2015 can bring several benefits. For instance, it helps prevent inaccurate measurements, which can lead to financial losses for both suppliers and customers. By providing a standardized framework, it also facilitates fair trade and competition among different suppliers.

This standard has wide-ranging applications in sectors such as fuel distribution, chemical industry, and transportation. It ensures that the quantity of fluids being transported is accurately measured, enabling efficient inventory management and preventing issues like overfilling or spillage.


BS EN 13617-1:2015 plays a crucial role in maintaining accuracy and reliability in road tanker metering systems. By providing clear guidelines, it ensures that these systems meet the necessary requirements, undergo regular verification, and deliver trustworthy measurements. Whether in fuel distribution or chemical industries, compliance with this standard is essential for operational efficiency, fair trade, and customer satisfaction.



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