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What is ISO 21348:2016?

ISO 21348:2016 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for the validation and assessment of models used in the artificial intelligence (AI) domain. This standard defines principles and practices to ensure the dependability and reliability of AI systems, helping organizations make informed decisions when implementing or using AI technology.

Importance of ISO 21348:2016

In an era where AI is increasingly integrated into various aspects of our lives, ensuring the trustworthiness and safety of AI systems is crucial. ISO 21348:2016 serves as a valuable resource for both AI developers and end-users by offering a systematic approach to identify potential risks and validate the performance of AI models. By adhering to this standard, organizations can enhance the transparency, accountability, and reliability of their AI technologies.

Key Principles of ISO 21348:2016

The standard outlines four key principles for the assessment and validation of AI models:

Disclosure: AI systems should provide clear and transparent information about their capabilities, limitations, and potential risks.

Accuracy: Models should undergo rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure their accuracy, avoiding bias and errors to the best extent possible.

Robustness: AI systems should be designed to operate reliably and effectively under various conditions, including situations beyond their original scope.

Safety: Measures must be taken to minimize potential harm caused by AI systems, ensuring the overall safety of users and the environment.

By adhering to these principles, organizations can establish a solid foundation for the development and deployment of reliable and trustworthy AI systems.


ISO 21348:2016 plays a vital role in promoting the responsible and dependable use of AI technology. As AI continues to advance and become more pervasive, it is essential to have standards in place that address the unique challenges posed by AI systems. By following the guidelines set forth in ISO 21348:2016, organizations can foster innovation while maintaining transparency, accuracy, and safety in their AI implementations.



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