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What is EN 140602012

EN 14060-2:012 is a technical standard that specifically deals with the requirements for diving watches. As an important reference document in the watch industry, this standard lays out specific guidelines and criteria for timepieces that are intended to withstand the rigors of underwater activities.

The Significance of EN 14060-2:012

This technical standard plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and functionality of diving watches. By setting strict standards and testing procedures, it provides consumers with confidence in the quality and performance of these timepieces. Additionally, it facilitates the harmonization of practices among various manufacturers and promotes fair competition within the industry.

The Main Requirements of EN 14060-2:012

EN 14060-2:012 sets out several key requirements that diving watches must meet. Firstly, it mandates a minimum level of water resistance, typically at least 100 meters. It also specifies the necessary mechanical properties, such as shock resistance and antimagnetic properties. Furthermore, the standard outlines requirements regarding legibility and luminosity, ensuring that the watch can be easily read in both normal and low-light conditions.

The Testing and Certification Process

For a watch to comply with EN 14060-2:012, it needs to undergo rigorous testing by accredited certification bodies. These tests verify the watch's water resistance capabilities, its ability to withstand impacts and magnetic fields, as well as its legibility and luminosity. Once a watch successfully passes all the required assessments, it can receive the relevant certification and be deemed compliant with the standard.

Overall, EN 14060-2:012 is an essential standard that ensures dive watches meet the necessary criteria for reliability and performance. By adhering to these guidelines, watch manufacturers can provide consumers with timepieces that are not only aesthetically appealing but also capable of withstanding the demanding conditions encountered during underwater exploration.



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