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What is VDE 0620-1:2010?

VDE 0620-1:2010 is a technical standard developed by the Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (VDE) in Germany. It belongs to the family of IEC/EN 61851 standards, which pertain to electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This standard specifically focuses on requirements and testing methods for portable mode 3 control equipment used in electric vehicle charging systems.

Understanding IEC/EN 61851-1

IEC/EN 61851-1 is an international standard that sets forth general requirements for electric vehicle conductive charging systems. It provides guidelines for design, testing, and approval procedures of such systems. The standard includes various parts, each dealing with specific aspects of electric vehicle charging equipment. VDE 0620-1:2010 is one of the parts and addresses the requirements for portable control equipment used in these systems.

Key Considerations in VDE 0620-1:2010

VDE 0620-1:2010 outlines several important considerations when it comes to portable control equipment in electric vehicle charging systems:

Protection against electrical shock: The standard requires protective measures to ensure the safety of users during charging operations.

Compatibility: The control equipment must be compatible with the associated charging station to enable reliable communication and charging process.

Temperature management: The standard specifies temperature limits to prevent overheating of the control equipment during operation.

External influences: The equipment should be designed to withstand environmental factors such as moisture, dust, and mechanical stress.

Electromagnetic compatibility: VDE 0620-1:2010 addresses the electromagnetic compatibility of control equipment to ensure its proper functioning without interference.


VDE 0620-1:2010 plays a significant role in ensuring the safety, reliability, and compatibility of portable mode 3 control equipment used in electric vehicle charging systems. By complying with this standard, manufacturers can meet the necessary requirements and provide products that deliver efficient and secure charging solutions for electric vehicles.



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