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What is ISO 15456-1:2018?

ISO 15456-1:2018, also known as "Information and Documentation - Processes and procedures for transforming paper documents into electronic form - Part 1: Functional requirements and methods of measurement," is an international standard that provides guidelines for converting physical paper documents into electronic format. This standard aims to ensure that the converted electronic documents are accurate, reliable, and can be preserved for future use.

Benefits of ISO 15456-1:2018

There are several benefits of implementing ISO 15456-1:2018 in document conversion processes. Firstly, it enhances the accessibility of documents by making them available in digital form, allowing for easier search, retrieval, and distribution. Electronic documents can be easily shared across different platforms and devices, improving workflow efficiency and collaboration.

Secondly, ISO 15456-1:2018 helps organizations reduce their reliance on paper-based documents, resulting in cost savings from reduced printing, storage, and transportation expenses. Moreover, electronic documents are less susceptible to damage or loss compared to physical paper, ensuring the long-term preservation and security of important information.

Implementation of ISO 15456-1:2018

The implementation of ISO 15456-1:2018 involves a series of steps and considerations. The first step is to assess the existing paper document collection and determine the specific requirements for conversion, including factors such as document size, format, and content complexity.

Next, suitable hardware and software tools need to be selected to facilitate the scanning, digitization, and conversion process. It is essential to ensure that the chosen tools comply with the technical specifications outlined in ISO 15456-1:2018 to guarantee accurate and reliable results.

Once the conversion process is complete, it is important to validate the quality and integrity of the electronic documents. This can be achieved through various methods such as visual inspection, metadata verification, and content comparison with the original paper documents.


ISO 15456-1:2018 plays a crucial role in guiding organizations towards efficient and reliable document conversion practices. By adhering to this standard, businesses can unlock the benefits of digital document management, including improved accessibility, cost savings, and enhanced information security.



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