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What is IEC 61000-4-12: 2019?

IEC 61000-4-12: 2019, titled "Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 4-12: Testing and measurement techniques - Ring wave immunity test," is an international standard developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). This standard outlines the procedures and requirements for testing the immunity of electrical and electronic equipment against ring wave disturbances.

Understanding Ring Wave Disturbances

Ring wave disturbances are transient voltage events that occur in power supply systems, predominantly caused by switching operations or lightning strikes. These disturbances can lead to malfunctions or failures in electrical and electronic equipment. The objective of IEC 61000-4-12: 2019 is to ensure that equipment can withstand such disturbances without being affected or damaged.

Test Setup and Procedure

The standard provides detailed guidelines on how to set up the test equipment and perform the ring wave immunity test. It specifies the parameters of the ring wave, including its waveshape, duration, peak voltage, and repetition rate. The test is conducted in a shielded enclosure to minimize external interferences.

The test procedure involves applying ring wave voltages to different points of the equipment under test, such as power supply lines, signal lines, and data lines. The performance of the equipment is then evaluated based on predefined criteria, including functionality, safety, and electromagnetic emissions.

Benefits and Compliance

Complying with IEC 61000-4-12: 2019 provides several benefits to manufacturers and end-users. Firstly, it ensures that equipment is robust and immune to ring wave disturbances, reducing the risk of downtime or damage. It also enhances the overall reliability and performance of electrical and electronic systems.

For manufacturers, meeting the requirements of this standard helps demonstrate product quality and compliance with international regulations. End-users can have confidence in the durability and safety of equipment that meets the IEC 61000-4-12: 2019 standards.

In conclusion, IEC 61000-4-12: 2019 is a crucial standard for testing the immunity of electrical and electronic equipment against ring wave disturbances. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can produce reliable and resilient products, while end-users can enjoy the benefits of high-quality and robust equipment.



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