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What is EN ISO 15848-1:2012? .

The of EN ISO 15848-1:2012

EN ISO 15848-1:2012 is a universally recognized standard for industrial valves used in various applications, especially in oil and gas industries. This standard sets stringent requirements for fugitive emissions control, ensuring that these valves minimize the release of hazardous substances into the environment. Developed and maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), EN ISO 15848-1:2012 provides valuable guidelines for manufacturers, purchasers, users, and testing organizations to enhance valve performance and reduce environmental impact.

Key Features and Requirements of EN ISO 15848-1:2012

EN ISO 15848-1:2012 defines three classes of fugitive emissions for industrial valves: Class A, Class B, and Class BH. Each class has specific criteria and test procedures to determine its suitability for different operating conditions. The standard requires that valves must undergo comprehensive testing, including thermal cycling, pressure cycling, and vibration tests, to ensure their ability to prevent fugitive emissions effectively. Furthermore, valve manufacturers are obligated to disclose detailed product information, such as materials used, surface treatments, and assembly instructions, to comply with the standard's transparency and traceability requirements.

The Benefits and Implications of EN ISO 15848-1:2012

The adoption and implementation of EN ISO 15848-1:2012 bring numerous benefits and implications to both valve manufacturers and end-users. By complying with this standard, manufacturers can improve their product quality, reliability, and competitiveness in the market. The robust testing procedures specified in the standard enable manufacturers to identify and rectify any design flaws or manufacturing defects, leading to enhanced valve performance. For end-users, EN ISO 15848-1:2012 ensures the selection of valves with superior leak-tightness, thereby reducing environmental pollution and minimizing health risks for workers in industrial settings.


EN ISO 15848-1:2012 is a vital standard that sets rigorous requirements for industrial valves' fugitive emissions control. It plays a significant role in protecting the environment and safeguarding occupational health. By complying with this standard, valve manufacturers can improve their product quality, gain a competitive edge, and contribute to a sustainable future. End-users can benefit from using valves that meet this standard, ensuring reliable operations and minimizing harmful effects on both human health and the ecosystem. Therefore, it is crucial for all stakeholders in the valve industry to understand and adhere to the provisions outlined in EN ISO 15848-1:2012.



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