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What is ISO 13473-2:2015?

ISO 13473-2:2015 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for the management of technology-enabled business process outsourcing (BPO). In today's globalized world, many organizations are increasingly relying on BPO to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. This standard aims to ensure that BPO services meet quality requirements and adhere to best practices.

The Scope of ISO 13473-2:2015

ISO 13473-2:2015 specifically focuses on the governance and management of BPO service providers. It outlines the essential elements that need to be considered by organizations seeking to outsource their processes. The standard covers various aspects such as contract establishment, risk assessment, service delivery, and ongoing monitoring and management of BPO relationships.

The Benefits of Implementing ISO 13473-2:2015

Implementing ISO 13473-2:2015 brings several benefits to both the service provider and the client organization. For service providers, compliance with this standard ensures enhanced credibility and provides a competitive edge in the market. By adhering to the guidelines, providers can deliver consistent and reliable BPO services, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

On the other hand, client organizations benefit from a structured approach to outsourcing. They can effectively select and manage service providers based on their adherence to the standard. By aligning their BPO processes with ISO 13473-2:2015, organizations can minimize risks, ensure data security, and drive continuous improvement in their outsourced activities.


ISO 13473-2:2015 serves as a valuable tool for organizations involved in BPO. It provides a framework for governing and managing BPO relationships, enabling organizations to optimize their outsourcing operations and mitigate associated risks. By adhering to this standard, both service providers and client organizations can gain a competitive advantage, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve better business outcomes.



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