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What is ISO 24558:2012 ?

Title: What is ISO 24558:2012? A Guide to Technical Writing

ISO 24558:2012 is a widely recognized standard that provides guidelines for writing professional technical articles. Developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), this standard aims to ensure consistency and quality in technical writing across various industries and domains. With the increasing importance of digital communication, it is essential for professionals to understand and implement the best practices outlined in ISO 24558:2012 to create effective and user-friendly technical documentation.

Purpose of ISO 24558:2012:

ISO 24558:2012 is designed to improve the quality of technical documentation by establishing standards for structure, content, and style. The specification outlines guidelines on how to structure documents, use appropriate language, and effectively convey complex technical concepts. By following these guidelines, organizations can create technical documentation that is easy to understand, navigate, and use, resulting in improved communication and user satisfaction.

Key Requirements of ISO 24558:2012:

ISO 24558:2012 consists of several key requirements that are essential for effective technical writing. These requirements include:

Clarity: Technical documents should be clear and concise, using language that is appropriate for the intended audience and easy to understand.

Conciseness: Technical documents should be brief and to the point, avoiding unnecessary details that may confuse the reader.

Accuracy: Technical documents should accurately reflect the subject matter, using reliable sources and up-to-date information.

Objectivity: Technical documents should present information in an objective and unbiased manner, avoiding the use of persuasive language or opinions.

Relevance: Technical documents should address the specific needs and concerns of the intended audience, ensuring that the content is relevant to their needs.

Creativity: Technical documents should demonstrate creativity and innovation, using unique approaches to convey information effectively.

Consistency: Technical documents should maintain consistency in formatting, fonts, and style throughout the document, ensuring that the document is coherent and easy to read.


ISO 24558:2012 is an essential standard for technical writing, providing guidelines on structure, content, and style to ensure that technical documents are effective, concise, and user-friendly. By understanding and implementing the principles outlined in ISO 24558:2012, professionals can create technical documentation that accurately reflects their subject matter, effectively communicates their ideas, and meets the needs of their intended audience.



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