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What is BS EN ISO 5349-2:2012?

When it comes to ensuring the safety and health of employees, particularly those working with hand-held or hand-guided machinery, standards play a crucial role. One such important standard is BS EN ISO 5349-2:2012. In this article, we will explore what this standard entails and why it is essential in various industries.

The Purpose of BS EN ISO 5349-2:2012

BS EN ISO 5349-2:2012 specifies the measurement and evaluation of mechanical vibration applied to the human hand-arm system. The standard aims to assess and control the risks associated with exposure to hand-arm vibrations. It provides guidance on evaluating the vibration, determining its effects on the body, and setting limits to protect workers from potential hazards.

Understanding Hand-Arm Vibration

Hand-arm vibrations occur when a person uses hand-held or hand-guided machinery that transmits vibrations through the body. These vibrations can cause various health issues, including carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve damage, and musculoskeletal disorders. BS EN ISO 5349-2:2012 helps quantify and classify these vibrations, allowing employers to implement measures for preventing or reducing harmful effects.

Implementation and Compliance

To comply with BS EN ISO 5349-2:2012, employers should conduct regular risk assessments to identify potential hazards related to hand-arm vibrations. They must measure vibration levels using appropriate equipment and techniques outlined in the standard. If exposures exceed the stipulated action or limit values, employers must implement control measures, such as using anti-vibration gloves, providing suitable training, and ensuring regular health check-ups for workers.

In conclusion, BS EN ISO 5349-2:2012 is a fundamental standard that helps protect workers from the harmful effects of hand-arm vibrations. By providing guidance on evaluating and controlling vibration levels, it aids in creating safe working environments in various industries. Employers are responsible for implementing measures to comply with this standard and safeguard the well-being of their employees.



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