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What is BS EN 61386-4-2011?

BS EN 61386-4-2011 refers to the British standard for conduit systems used in electrical installations. This standard provides guidelines and requirements for rigid metallic conduit systems, which are used to protect and route electrical wiring in various applications.

Importance of BS EN 61386-4-2011

BS EN 61386-4-2011 plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical installations. Compliance with this standard ensures that conduit systems meet specified performance criteria, including mechanical strength, resistance to impact, fire protection, and chemical resistance, among others.

By following BS EN 61386-4-2011, installers can ensure that the conduit systems provide adequate protection for electrical cables, preventing damage from external factors and reducing the risk of electrical faults or accidents.

Key Requirements of BS EN 61386-4-2011

1. Material Specifications:

The standard defines the requirements for the materials used in conduit systems, such as steel, aluminum, or other metals. It specifies the minimum thickness and composition necessary to ensure the desired mechanical strength and durability of the conduits.

2. Mechanical Strength:

BS EN 61386-4-2011 sets out the minimum mechanical strength requirements for conduit systems, ensuring they can withstand the intended loads and maintain their structural integrity over time.

3. Fire Performance:

The standard includes provisions for fire-resistant conduit systems, specifying the tests and performance criteria they must meet to prevent the spread of fire and minimize its impact on the electrical installation.

4. Installation Guidelines:

BS EN 61386-4-2011 provides guidelines for the proper installation of conduit systems, ensuring that installers follow best practices to maintain the integrity and functionality of the system.


BS EN 61386-4-2011 is an essential standard for anyone involved in electrical installations using conduit systems. By adhering to the requirements outlined in this standard, both installers and end-users can have confidence in the safety and performance of the electrical infrastructure.



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