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What is EN 46938?

EN46938 is a technical standard that has been developed to ensure the safety and performance of protective clothing worn by firefighters and other emergency responders. This standard outlines specific requirements for the design, materials, and construction of these garments, with the objective of providing maximum protection in hazardous situations.

Design and Materials

One of the key aspects covered by EN46938 is the design and materials used in the production of protective clothing. The garments must be able to withstand exposure to high temperatures and flames, as well as resist cuts, punctures, and tears. Additionally, they must provide a certain level of breathability to prevent excessive heat build-up inside the garment, while still maintaining their structural integrity.

Construction and Performance

The standard also specifies requirements for the construction and performance of the protective clothing. This includes the use of high-quality stitching and seams that can withstand intense heat and stress. The clothing should have reinforced areas on critical parts such as elbows and knees to enhance durability. Furthermore, it should be equipped with closure systems that are easy to operate yet secure enough to prevent accidental opening during operation.

Certification and Compliance

To ensure the reliability and conformity of protective clothing, EN46938 requires manufacturers to test their products and obtain third-party certification. Testing evaluates factors such as flame resistance, thermal insulation, and water repellency. Only garments that meet all the requirements specified in the standard are awarded the EN46938 certification, demonstrating their adherence to the highest safety standards.



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