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What is UL 60065-2020 ?

UL 60065-2020 is a technical standard that establishes minimum safety requirements for various types of electronic apparatus. It covers aspects such as electrical shock hazards, fire risks, mechanical hazards, and radiation emissions. The standard applies to both professional and consumer audio and video equipment, ensuring that products are designed and manufactured with safety in mind, reducing the risks of accidents or harm caused by faulty devices.

Manufacturers must comply with UL 60065-2020 in order to earn a safety certification mark, demonstrating compliance with the standard's requirements. This certification allows manufacturers to ensure that their products meet the necessary safety standards, reducing the risk of harm to consumers and reducing the risk of legal liability.

UL 60065-2020 helps to ensure consumer confidence and product quality, providing a framework for manufacturers to create safe and reliable electronic products. It sets limits on things like voltage levels, temperature rise, flammability of materials, and protection against electric shock. The standard covers various aspects of electrical and electronic equipment, including power supplies, circuit breakers, and fuses. It also includes guidelines for testing and labeling.

UL 60065-2020 is widely recognized and followed by manufacturers around the world, as it helps ensure consumer confidence and product quality. It is important for manufacturers to understand the requirements of the standard and ensure that their products meet all of its requirements in order to comply with it. By following UL 60065-2020, manufacturers can create safe and reliable electronic products that meet the necessary safety standards.



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