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What is ISO 55184:2018? .


ISO 55184:2018 is an international standard that provides guidelines and specifications for the measurement and evaluation of surface texture using stylus instruments. Surface texture refers to the characteristics of a surface, including its roughness, waviness, and other related attributes. This standard plays a crucial role in various industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and many others, where surface quality is essential for both aesthetic and functional purposes.

Understanding ISO 55184:2018

ISO 55184:2018 defines the parameters and methods for measuring surface texture using stylus instruments. It describes the necessary equipment, calibration procedures, and measurement techniques to ensure reliable and repeatable results. This standard takes into account various factors that can influence surface texture measurement, such as filtering, sampling length, and cutoff values.

Surface texture parameters defined by ISO 55184:2018 include roughness, waviness, and primary profile. Roughness refers to small-scale irregularities on the surface, while waviness represents larger features, such as periodic deviations or undulations. The primary profile refers to the overall shape or contour of the surface. By quantifying these parameters, manufacturers can assess the quality of their products and monitor the consistency of surface textures across different batches.

Benefits and Applications

Implementing ISO 55184:2018 offers several benefits to industries reliant on surface texture measurements. Consistent and standardized measurement procedures allow for accurate comparison of surface textures across different manufacturers and suppliers. This helps ensure compatibility and interchangeability of parts. Additionally, adherence to ISO 55184:2018 facilitates effective communication between manufacturers and customers regarding desired surface texture requirements.

This standard also aids in process control, enabling manufacturers to identify and address potential issues related to surface texture at an early stage. By monitoring surface texture parameters, manufacturers can optimize their production processes, minimize defects, and improve product quality. Furthermore, ISO 55184:2018 helps in research and development efforts by providing a common language and framework for surface texture characterization.


ISO 55184:2018 plays a vital role in the field of surface texture measurement. It provides guidelines and specifications that help ensure accurate and consistent assessment of surface characteristics using stylus instruments. Compliance with this standard offers numerous benefits, including improved product quality, enhanced compatibility, and effective process control. By adopting ISO 55184:2018, industries can maintain high standards of surface texture and meet the requirements of customers across various sectors.

Remember, ISO 55184:2018 is more than just a set of guidelines; it represents a commitment to quality and precision in surface texture measurement.



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