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What is BS EN ISO 22851:2019?

BS EN ISO 22851:2019 is a professional technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the design, implementation, and maintenance of Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) programs. ETV is a globally recognized process for validating the performance claims of innovative environmental technologies, ensuring that they meet established criteria for reliability and effectiveness.

The Importance of BS EN ISO 22851:2019

In today's rapidly evolving world, where concerns about environmental sustainability are increasing, the need for reliable and trusted verification systems for environmental technologies is paramount. BS EN ISO 22851:2019 plays a crucial role in addressing this need by offering a standardized approach to ETV, enabling businesses and organizations to showcase the credibility and effectiveness of their innovative solutions.

By adhering to the guidelines outlined in BS EN ISO 22851:2019, companies can gain a competitive advantage by differentiating themselves from competitors, alleviating potential buyer uncertainties, and enhancing trust among stakeholders. This standard also facilitates international trade by providing a common language and framework for verifying environmental technology performance across borders.

The Key Elements of BS EN ISO 22851:2019

BS EN ISO 22851:2019 covers various aspects related to Environmental Technology Verification. It outlines the general principles and procedures for carrying out verification activities, including planning, data collection, analysis, and reporting. The standard also emphasizes the importance of transparency, confidentiality, and impartiality throughout the verification process.

Additionally, BS EN ISO 22851:2019 offers specific guidance on assessing the suitability and reliability of testing laboratories, as well as the competence and independence of verifiers. It addresses key factors such as test methods, performance criteria, and measurement uncertainty, ensuring that verification results are accurate, consistent, and valid.


BS EN ISO 22851:2019 is an essential standard for anyone involved in the development and use of environmental technologies. By adopting this standard, companies can showcase the reliability and effectiveness of their products, gain market advantage, and promote a sustainable future.

In summary, BS EN ISO 22851:2019 provides a comprehensive framework for Environmental Technology Verification, ensuring transparency, credibility, and international harmonization within the industry. As environmental concerns continue to grow, adherence to this standard will play a vital role in promoting the widespread adoption of innovative and sustainable technologies.



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