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What is BS EN 117662017

BS EN 117662017 is a technical standard that sets the requirements for safety and durability of furniture for non-domestic use. It provides guidelines for manufacturers and suppliers to ensure their products meet certain quality standards.

The Importance of BS EN 117662017

This standard is essential because it guarantees the safety and reliability of furniture in commercial settings such as offices, hotels, schools, and healthcare facilities. Compliance with BS EN 117662017 ensures that the furniture meets the necessary criteria for strength, stability, and resistance to hazards.

Requirements of BS EN 117662017

BS EN 117662017 specifies various tests that furniture must undergo to meet the standard's requirements. These include testing for stability, strength, durability, and flammability. The standard also covers aspects such as ergonomics and materials used in the production of furniture.

Benefits of BS EN 117662017

Complying with BS EN 117662017 offers several advantages. Firstly, it ensures the safety of users, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries caused by faulty furniture. Secondly, it enhances the reputation of manufacturers and suppliers who can demonstrate their commitment to producing high-quality products. Finally, it helps businesses comply with legal and regulatory requirements, avoiding potential penalties or damage to their brand image.

In conclusion, BS EN 117662017 is a crucial technical standard for furniture designed for non-domestic use. It establishes guidelines for safety, durability, and quality, ensuring that furniture meets specific criteria and undergoes rigorous testing. Complying with this standard offers benefits for both manufacturers and consumers, providing assurance of safety and reliability in commercial environments.



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