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Wire/Cable Termination Options

How to finish off my electrical assembly

Whether it's a Wire Harness or a Cable Assembly, find the best way to terminate the ends. Below is a quick reference chart of common termination options to help you decide which is best for you.

Wire Termination

End Cut Wire Slit Wire Strip Cutback

Wire is cut even at customer specified length.

Where parallel wire is used, ends can be separated from each other to customer specifications.

Wire ends are "stripped" of their insulation material to expose the inner copper strands.

Wires are terminated at different lengths according to customer specifications.

Cable Termination

Blunt Cut Remove Outer Jacket ROJ & Stripped Wires Cut Back Wires
Blunt Cut Cable Cable ROJ ROJ and Strip Cable Cut Back

Cable is cut even at customer specified length.

Also known as R.O.J., the outer insulating cable jacket is removed to expose the inner wires. Length is determined by customer.

Outer cable jacket is removed and wire ends are stripped of insulating material.

Outer cable jacket is removed and wires are cut and terminated at different lengths.
Termination Connectors

Quick Connect Ring Terminal Spade/Fork Terminal Ferrule Terminal
Quick Disconect Ring Terminal Fork | Spade Terminal Ferrule Terminal

Available In:
• Un-Insulated
• Pre-Insulated
• Fully-Insulated
• Right-Angle (Flag)

Used to attach product with screw or bolt.
Perfect for agroundconnection.
Also available in locking.

Similar to a Ring Terminal, but removable without completely unscrewing bolt or screw.

For use with Terminal Blocks. Used to crimp and secure bare copper strands. 
Also available in a double for crimping 2 separate wires.



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